The Laundry Files

Case Witch Bravo

Classified Witch Bravo, Blue Hades, and Anning Black Skull Clearance do not read any further if you do not have clearance under the official secrets act

Managing Officer: James Angleton

Overview: a situation arose in the Witch Bravo Oil fields. when a sub contractor for MI 5 extracted a large quantity of Anning Black Samples from a Blue Hades Containment Facility on the Bottom of the Ocean Floor. Upon doing this a Local entropy field allowed possessor spirits to possess the crew of the oil rig but not before group K executive J.C. Lancaster and a Anning Black who had taken on human form could escape the facility and relocate to the group K headquarters in Aberdeen.

During this time The Laundry was notified of a possible situation and dispatched a team of laundry officers and SAS members (SAS lead by Allen Barnes) to the rig to ascertain the threat. upon arrival the SAS helicopter was destroyed by high waves rendering the team stuck until a rescue could be planned. the team searching the rig discovered occult modifications to the rig specifical an exorcism circuit (see attached diagram with special attention made to the lamb) and a banishing grid attached to the gas boom. as well as an occult library set up.

shortly after the rig was secured, Blue Hades made contact with the laundry team through a emissary construct referred to as sybil their questions were simple. was humanity responsible for the breach? and are we trying to weaponize anning black? the temporary unconventional diplomacy officer handled the job exceptionally well and a commendation will be placed in her file. Blue Hades was pacified for the time being but requested the return of a binding stone taken from the sea floor by group k.

at this time the team was extracted from the oil rig and blue hades awaited the return of the stone on the rig and prepared to destroy it. the SAS and Laundry teams stormed the group k facility pacifying the local security and terminating the entity calling itself J.C. Lancaster which we believe was a Anning Black that had decided it no longer needed Lancaster for its goals and devoured it taking on its from.

ultimately the binding stone was returned to Blue Hades, However after action analysis of the group k scans of the stone report that the stone is damaged we will need to be on the look out for anning black washing up on the beaches or finding there way into english territory.


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